Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with various electric-related issues like electric power engineering, electronics, power electronics and involves designing, developing, testing and supervising the production of electrical and electronic equipment and machinery. An electrical engineer is also responsible for solving various issues of electronic systems which can be large scale (electric-power engineering) or small scale (nanoelectronics).

Sub-disciplines of electrical engineering include: microelectronics, telecommunication engineering, signal processing, control engineering, computer engineering, integrated circuits, digital electronics, power engineering, optoelectronics.

Electrical Engineering Programmes

  • Electrical Power System
  • Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Electrical Motors & Starters
  • Basic Electrical Course
  • Electrical Safety
  • Basic Electrical For Non-Electrical Personnel
  • Electrical Failure Training
  • High Voltage to Medium Voltage Power Cables
  • High Voltage Power Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers and Switchgears

Electronics Engineering Programmes

  • Basic Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics For Technicians
  • Power Electronics
  • Electronic Troubleshooting, Problem Identification & Repair

OETC Programmes