Mechanical Engineering Programmes

Mechanical Engineering Training details follows

Organizations in technical businesses need good engineers as much as they need good managers and operators. They also need managers who understand what their engineers are talking about and doing. Engineering techniques continue to advance at a significant pace. Practising engineers therefore need to be able to update their skills and learn more or new skills to be able to keep their businesses at the forefront of best practice.

Our Mechanical Maintenance Programmes

  • Maintenance of Industrial Hydraulic System
  • Maintenance of Industrial Pneumatic System
  • Rolling Element & Plain Bearing Maintenance & Replacement
  • Maintenance & Inspection of Industrial Gearboxes
  • Maintenance of Mechanical Power Transmission System
  • Inspection and Maintenance of Industrial Conveyor System
  • Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment
  • Basic Machine Mechanical Skills
  • Pump Maintenance Technology
  • Lubrication Management & Reliability Strategy
  • Machine Handling & Inspection Skills
  • Basic Equipment Care & Handling Skills For Line Leaders
  • Maintenance & Replacement of Seals & Gaskets
  • Fasteners & Locking Devices

OETC Programmes