Industrial Automation Programmes

Only companies who are willing to invest in modern automation technologies will be at the head of the pack in the digital race. Many solutions are already available. But how to succeed in the transition to the smart factory – and as efficiently as possible?

Earlier the purpose of automation was to increase productivity (since automated systems can work 24 hours a day), and to reduce the cost.

AIT Management Consultants provides comprehensive Industrial Automation training in Malaysia. Industries Experts will provide complete Industries knowledge and traing for design for your own need.

Our Automation Training

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – Level 1
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – Level 2
  • Maintenance of Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Equipment
  • Maintenance of Hydraulics & Electro-Hydraulic Equipment
  • Relays & Sensors
  • Inverter Technology and Application
  • Configuration of Inverters-PLC
  • Application and Maintenance of Servo Motors
  • Fundamentals of Instrumentation
  • Fault Identification and Troubleshooting of Instrumentation

OETC Programmes